HP48 & HP49 Programming tutorials
A series of tutorials providing an introduction and overview of the various programming utilities of the HP48 and HP49.

Download these Tutorials
If you would like to study these tutorials offline, then download tutes.zip (263kb) into a suitable directory. The structure of the zipped file is identical to what is displayed here online. Once you have unzipped tutes.zip and opened its directory click on tut.htm to commence viewing.

Download the Survey Programming Guide
A document prepared for a Workshop conducted for the ISA Queensland Division in 2000 (in Word97) is recommened to be used in conjunction with these tutorials. It can be downloaded here;
workshop2.doc (149kB) with Font CHARTING.TTF which should be installed using the Control Panel

Download sample survey files
Sample files have been zipped at sample.zip(12kb)

There are six tutorials in the series:

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