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About Us

Quickclose was founded in 1998 primarily to develop surveying software for HP Graphing Calculators. Since 2000, Quickclose has diversified its services into Geomatics and GNSS (including GPS), providing specialised geodetic services for a wide range of clients. We are based in Melbourne, Australia.


Richard Stanaway
  • Certified Professional (Surveyor)
        (Land Surveying Commission SSI)
        Since December 2006  
  • Master of Philosophy (Geodesy)
        The Australian National University
        July 2004  
  • Foundation Member of the
        Spatial Sciences Institute (Victoria)
        Since July 2003  
  • Certified Practitioner
        (Spatial Sciences Institute)
        Since July 2003  
  • Member of Association of Surveyors
        Papua New Guinea (ASPNG)
        Since July 2002  
  • Bachelor of Applied Science
        (Surveying) 1998
        Queensland University of
        Technology (QUT)

    Earth Sciences Advisor

    Sandra McLaren
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Geology)
        University of Adelaide
        August 2001  
  • Member
        Geological Society of Australia
        Since 1995  
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons. I)
        (Geology & Geophysics) 1996
        University of Adelaide


    Richard Stanaway has extensive surveying and geodetic experience in a highly diverse range of environments. After a stint in the Royal Australian Artillery as a Survey Section Commander, he was employed as a survey assistant at Phil Hooi Surveys and Kent & Curdie Surveyors in Sydney. Richard completed his Surveying Degree at QUT in Brisbane, spending some time as an undergraduate Mining surveyor at the Saraji open cut coal mine in Central Queensland as well doing temporary work in the UK. During his final year, he developed the Quickclose surveying and geodesy software for the HP48 calculator for which he was awarded Queensland Young Surveyor of the Year in 1998.

    After completing his degree, he was employed by CPS Palanga Surveys in Papua New Guinea and appointed as the Senior Surveyor for the Morobe Gold Exploration Project at Hidden Valley, near Wau until 2000. Richard then spent two further years in PNG extending and observing the geodynamic monitoring nationwide network of GPS stations as part of a Plate tectonics study for the Australian National University's Research School of Earth Sciences. This work morphed into his own Master's research, developing a semi-dynamic geodetic datum for PNG. During this time he also conducted high precision GPS surveys in Antarctica and the South Australian seismic zone.

    Since 2005, Richard has been consulting as a geodetic surveyor and analyst for Oil Search in PNG as well as providing GPS support for Australian and PNG survey companies including Fugro Spatial Solutions and Asia-Pacific Surveys. Richard is an active member of the Spatial Sciences Institute, running workshops, seminars as well as conducting geodetic research.

  •   What we do

    • Highest-precision GNSS (GPS)
      • Datum establishment
      • Geodetic Control Surveys
      • Rural Cadastral Control
      • Airborne Laser Scanning
        (LiDAR) Ground Control
      • Air Photo Ground Control
      • Plane Grid Establishment
      • Bringing MGA into your project
      • Height datum establishment
        (e.g. Mean Sea Level, LAT)
      • Tectonic Deformation Monitoring
    • Geodetic Analysis
      • Geodetic Datum design
      • Transformation Parameter Estimation
      • Geoid modelling
      • Deformation modelling
      • GNSS Post-processing
    • Validation and Quality Assessment
      • Ground truthing of ALS/Aerial surveys
      • Auditing of survey networks
      • Error isolation
      • Survey Quality Assessment
    • Training and Geodetic Support
      • on-site GNSS/GPS Training
      • Geodetic Support for GIS
      • Geodesy advisory service
      • Problem solving

          For further information, email

          phone +61 (0)3 9486 7845

          PO Box 1364
          Carlton VIC 3053

          ACN 133 784 308
          ABN 16 133 784 308