GNSS GPS Geomatics  

Photo Gallery

Papua New Guinea

Nogoli Helipad

On a narrow ridge above Iagifu

Suabi Clansmen and new mark at Juha

Moro Airstrip


Old Survey Station at Komo

Validating Rig locations

Overlooking Hides at 2700m

Low setup! on Kumul Off-shore rig helipad

Overlooking Lake Kutubu


Measuring elevations of geological formations on the Darling River Anabranch

LiDAR ground truthing, Western NSW

Somewhere in the Darling Basin

Air Photo control, Gippsland

Coal Connect survey in Central Queensland

GPS Base station at Mt. Murchison Station near Wilcannia

GPS Base station at Menindee Airport

Rural Cadastral control at St. Andrews, north of Melbourne