Surveying Software for HP48, HP49G+ & HP50G Calculators  

Require a new program or a conversion of an old one?

Many earlier calculators, especially the HP41 and HP42s are nearing the end of their working lives. Quickclose offers the following services for very competitive rates ($53 AUD per hour excluding GST):
  • Conversion of HP41 and HP42 programs to HP48, HP49 and HP50 format
  • Conversion of HP48SX and GX programs to HP49 or HP50 format
  • Design and documentation of new programs for the HP48, HP49 or HP50
  • Advice on program conversion and documentation
You will be surprised how inexpensive some program conversions are. Typically less than the cost of a regular car service!

If you would like some help to convert your old programs, or to design new ones, please email Richard Stanaway.