Surveying Software for HP48, HP49G+ & HP50G Calculators  

Quickclose Updates and Evaluation programs

Quickclose HP35S Survey Program version 1.1 to 1.2 update
Version 1.2 rectifies a bug in area computations. The bug is apparent when an area is computed for an unclosed figure and where non-zero coordinates have been used at the start for the figure. In these instances the area computed is a partial area that does not include the area between the misclose line and the first line of the figure. This appears to be the only bug in the program identified to date in spite of rigorous beta testing before the release of version 1.1.
Download HP35S Survey Program version 1.1 to 1.2 update(96 kB)

Download Quickclose HP35S Survey Program Documentation (for evaluation)
Download HP35S Survey Programs(126 kB)

Download Quickclose Version 3.1 update (HP50G and HP49G+ version)
An update for HP50G and HP49G+ is now available
Download Version 3.1 update(177 kB)

Download Quickclose Version 3 (calc version) and user documentation
The fully featured calculator version can be downloaded and run in demo mode (about 50 uses) and activated when a licence is purchased
Download Version 3 (HP calculator version) (2.94MB)
(Runs in Demo mode until activated. Zip file contains calculator version and pdf file of documentation)

Download Version 3 documentation only
Download Version 3 documentation and fonts (2.65MB)

HP49, HP50G ROM Updates
USB Drivers and Connectivity Software

HP50/49/48 connectivity software v.2439 (1st September 2006) (4.31 MB)

HP50G/49G+ ROM Upgrade v.92 (775kB) - (11th August 2006)

HP50G USB driver for Windows 7 connectivity software (513kB) - (4th December 2009)

HP hasn't yet released a Windows 8 signed USB driver for the HP50G. The Windows 7 Driver does work in Windows 8, but Windows 8 settings need to be configured to allow installation of an unsigned driver. Instructions for changing the Windows 8 settings are here: Installing HP50G USB Driver on Windows 8

Free Survey programs for the HP48 and HP49

(developed by Richard Stanaway, Quickclose)

The sample files listed below have been zipped at sample.zip(12kb)
The programs in the zip file are editable ASCII files and are directly uploadable into the HP48 or HP49.

The Kermit program and interface cable is required to upload these programs to the HP48.
  • CLOSE A Co-ordinate traverse close program with Bowditch adjustment and area computation (open close.man for instructions)
  • RADIA Computes a radiation (Plane coordinates from bearing and distance)
  • JOIN Computes a join or inverse (Plane bearing and distance from coordinates)
  • RESEC Computes a three point resection
  • CURV Horizontal curve program
  • INT Computes intersection point of two lines (includes comments)
  • DIP Computes dip and strike of a plane defined by 3 points (includes comments)
  • HAUSE Computes a Hause quadrilateral (includes comments)
  • OPENTRAV Computes co-ordinates of an open traverse with error propogation & error ellipses
  • 3DCOGO A basic 3D cogo program with ASCII import, radiation and join comps
  • Hectare->Acre Converts Hectares to Acres,Roods,Perches
  • Acre->Hectare Converts Acres,Roods,Perches to Hectares
  • CUTAREA Computes "Cutarea" by swinging or shifting a line
  • BURSA-WOLF TRANSFORMATION Computes seven parameter transformations (3d-Similarity transformation) for given 3D-Cartesian coordinates.
  • RTP Rectangular to polar program (includes comments)
  • PTR Polar to rectangular program (includes comments)

How to install Tetris
  • Upload TETRIS.LIB to HP48 using kermit
  • Press the TETRI menu key
  • Press RIGHT-SHIFT, then the + key, then 0, then the right cursor key then 769, then ENTER, then STO
  • Press RIGHT-SHIFT, then the + key, then 0, then the right cursor key then 769, then ENTER, then LEFT-SHIFT, then 2, then NXT , then the ATTAC menu key
  • Delete TETRIS.LIB ( the downloaded file ) to save memory
  • To run TETRIS. Firstly turn the calculator off, then on again.
  • Press RIGHT-SHIFT, then 2, then the TETRI menu key, then again to play