Surveying Software for HP48, HP49G+ & HP50G Calculators  

QUICKCLOSE Feature Listing

Version 3 - Memory requirements
110kB for complete installation on HP50G and HP49G+
80kB for installation of Core modules
     (CLOSE, COGO, LEVEL and UTILS modules)

Download Version 3 documentation (2.65MB)         Download Brochure (192kB)

HP35S Survey Programs
Download HP35S Survey Program Guide - Evalution Version(126 kB)

QUICKCLOSE Feature listing & Comparison between Versions 2 and 3
Compute misclose Easy entry of coordinate data
Compute 2 missing distances Entry of height (RL) data option  
Compute 2 missing bearings View, edit & delete data
Compute missing brg & distance Job storage limit 6 any
Insert missing elements into data   user-defined job descriptor  
Compute area Compute coordinates by traverse
Display area in square feet   Compute traverse misclose
Display area in acres, rood, perch   Compute radiations (sideshots)
View and edit data entry Compute inverses/joins (stakeout)
Job storage limit 6 any Compute inverses in traverse mode  
user-defined job descriptor   Compute points by line & offset  
Compute coordinates points on curve by chainage & offset  
Print coordinates to IR printer Compute intersection of two bearings
Export coordinates to COGO Compute intersection of two distances
Resume data entry Compute intersection of brg & dist  
Print data to IR printer Compute 3 point resection
Print data to ASCII text file   Compute area from points
Summation of partial distances   Setout (stakeout) by line & offset
Easy entry of reverse bearings Setout (stakeout) arc by chnge & offset  
Undo data entry Compute eccentric stand point  
Convert feet, inches, fractions Compute two point resection  
Convert survey links Apply preset bearing corrections
Convert US Survey decimal feet   Apply preset scale factor to distances
Convert DMS to Decimal and vice-versa   import ASCII coordinate file
convert area units   Import/export format options  
On-the-fly bearing corrections print coordinate data to IR printer
Entry of curved elements Export ASCII coordinate file
Compute arc length & segment area Export COGO data to CLOSE module
Mean of two DMS angles   Bowditch adjustment (1 fixed pt)
Display of last data entry 2 7 Bowditch adjustment (2 fixed pt)  
Bowditch adjustment (1 fixed pt) Bowditch adjusted area
Bowditch adjustment (2 fixed pt)   Rotation(swing) of coordinate data
Bowditch adjusted area Scale coordinate data  
Rotate (swing) data Translation(shift) of data
Scale current data   Height shift of data  
UTILS MODULE V 2 V 3 compute 3D radiations / sideshots  
Compute road secants Curvature and refraction option  
trigonometric heighting Compute 3D join / inverse (stakeout)  
Compute radiations (sideshots)   GEOD MODULE V 2 V 3
compute joins/inverses (stakeout or setout)   ellipsoidal to grid & cartesian conversion
polar to rectangular conversions data entry in any coordinate format
Solve fixed area (cut area) problems   View, edit & delete data
compute circular curve data print coordinate data to IR printer
compute chord truncations import ASCII coordinate file
compute missing line measurement (tie) Export ASCII coordinate file
Traverse using left/right angle observations   coords from ellipsoidal distance & grid brg
LEVEL Module V 2 V 3 coords from grid bearing and ground dist  
Enter and reduce level observations compute coords by cartesian difference  
view and edit level observations   compute grid convergence & scale factor
adjust levels   compute arc-to-chord and line scale factor
CONFIGURATION & OPERATION V 2 V 3 combined height and grid scale factor
Update software without re-install   GDA94, WGS84, AGD and ISG setup
Backup of data to PC/SD card/Flash ROM   configure for any Tranverse Mercator proj.  
Life-time user support by email apply block shift to data  
free updates within current version edit 4-7 transformation parameters
Multiple licence discount   option to fix UTM grid zone  
Azimuth or quadrant bearing option   Azimuth by sun/star hour-angle obs
North or South Azimuth setting   Azimuth by sun/star altitude obs
Configure coordinate order ROAD MODULE V 2 V 3
metres/US survey feet/Links configuration setout circular curve centreline or offset
Configure decimal places for display enter horizontal road alignment  
Comprehensive user reference manual setout (stakeout) road alignment  
worked program examples in user manual   clothoid spiral option